Past Beers

These are beers that we have brewed in the past but are not currently available.  Most we will make again, but some were one time experiments.

10 Mile Brown

American Brown Ale | 6.0% ABV | 40 IBUs
With a sweet malty nose and a slight hint of maltiness this brown ale is an pays homage to our hometown of Warren. The 10 Mile Brown is the beer of the hardworking people from Warren and the rest of Metro Detroit. A well balanced beer with a light body is the perfect solution for a long day at work. Here’s to the hardworking folk out there, Cheers!

Analog Amber

American Amber  |  5.7% ABV  |  38 IBUs

Aussie IPA

American India Pale Ale | 6.3% ABV | 88 IBUs
This delightful IPA is a tribute to the hops farmers of Australia. Utilizing an overwhelming amount of both Topaz and Helga hops this beer has a wonderful earthy aroma with a light citrus flavor. The light body and straw golden color help let the hops be the star of the show. Ranking in at an impressive 88 IBU this IPA is made for the hopheads. Think of a nice warm summer day while you enjoy this down under delight.

Belgian Dark Strong

Belgian Dark Strong  |  7.1% ABV  |  111 IBUs
Delicate Aromas of Dark Fruit and Raisins with a hint of tart cherry. Tight lacing tan colored head. Carbonation bouncy flavors across your palate in a light and refreshing manner for a high ABV beer. The Dark Fruit Aroma's carry through the first taste of the beer and lead into a strong flavor of the Michigan Montmorency Cherry with its distinguishable tart finish. Overall a very complex beer that evolves and treats your taste buds as you slowly sip on it.

Black IPA

Black IPA / Cascadian Dark Ale | 7.2% ABV | 72 IBUs
We don’t care if you call it a Black IPA or a Cascadian Dark Ale, we call it delicious. We took a lower IBU IPA recipe and infused it with a wonderful roasted malts allowed for a well balanced easy drinking beer. Starting with a wonderfully light citrus aroma your taste buds are on a journey drinking this beer. As you conquer the delicate hop flavors here come the roasted characters to balance out this dark and I delicious beer.

Blood Orange Double IPA

India Pale Ale  |  9.1% ABV  |  100 IBUs
This brew takes two things our brewers love and combines them, Hops and Citrus. This hoppy IPA is intensified with none other than the infamous Blood Orange. Pouring with a light red hue and a power packed citrus aroma. You start with a large hop flavor and aroma that melts into a wonderful combination of hops bitterness and blood orange flavor.

Blood Orange IPA

India Pale Ale  |  7.1% ABV  |  111 IBUs
This brew takes two things our brewers love and combines them, Hops and Citrus. This hoppy IPA is intensified with none other than the infamous Blood Orange. Pouring with a light red hue and a power packed citrus aroma. You start with a large hop flavor and aroma that melts into a wonderful combination of hops bitterness and blood orange flavor.

Chiller's Revenge

Amber Ale  |  6.0% ABV  |  40 IBUs
Our brewers are convinced this beer is cursed to make, despite the difficulties they press forward to bring you this wonderful brew. This pours a deep amber color and has a sweet malt aroma that lingers through your drinking experience. During your drinking experience you will notice a battle on your tongue between the hops and malt with neither side winning thus showing the balance of this brew.

Creepy Dwarf

Irish Ale  |  5.3% ABV  |  26 IBUs
Creepy Dwarf is a Irish Ale based on a historic recipe from the 1700s. It has a deep amber color with a wonderful roasted aroma. The malt forward profile provides medium body with well-rounded roasted barley flavor that shines through the entire drink. With a crisp and refreshing taste you can sit around and drink all day while singing your favorite Irish drinking song.

Dark Wheat

American Dark Wheat Ale  |  65.2% ABV  |  13 IBUs

Coming from our Experimental Small Batch Beer Series is the American take on a Dunkelweizen. At first glance this is a very very dark beer with a tightly laced strikingly white head. The first aroma is the presence of wheat with a light touch of the roasted malts. As it hits your tongue the first thing you will notice is the very light mouth feel. Again the wheat leads the way with the roasted malt following soon behind. The 5.2% ABV gives a very sessionable beer that you can drink all night long.

Double IPA (DIPA)

Imperial IPA  |  9.1% ABV  |  100 IBUs

WARNING: This is not your standard Double IPA. You may want start with some small sippa’s of this big DIPA (9.1%, 100IBU). This beer is a true malt forward hop bomb; with an all-malt base (read as no sugars added) and hops added every 10 minutes makes this a delicate and tough brew. The mild amber color is followed by a sweet and citrusy aroma. Upon first sip you get an immediate sweet sensation that is followed by a bitterness that remains on the tongue for the duration of your drinking experience.


Elderberry Wheat

American Wheat Ale  |  6.0% ABV  |   30 IBUs

A summer Wheat brewed with Chamomile and Elderberries.

Much like the father in the famous quote “Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!” this beer smells like elderberries. Pouring a straw golden color with a creamy white head and delicate elderberry aroma.

English Mild

English Mild Ale  |  3.0% ABV  |   IBUs

Don't let the black color fool you.  This is a smooth stout-like session beer with dark roasted malts in the fore front.



American Pale Ale  |  6.3% ABV  |  43 IBUs

Mother Cluster

Creme Ale  |  6.2% ABV  |   22 IBUs

This is one angry Mother Cluster (6.2%, 21.7 IBU). She is upset with her kids giving the yellow fizzy beer style a bad rap. This straw colored cream ale is a tribute to the history of American beers. With a sweet light body and a crisp finish makes this a beer to drink all day and night (in moderation for course).

Ninja Chicken

American Pale Ale  |  6.3% ABV  |  44 IBUs

The tastiness of this beer sneaks upon you with ninja like powers. A light aroma of caramel and hops slowly roundhouse kick you in the face with your first sip. Utilizing the power of dry hopping this brew will surprise you with the intense hop flavor, some may even feel the need to call it an IPA but that is just how Ninja’s work. Please note no chickens were harmed in the making of this beer (nor were any ninjas but they cannot be harmed, DUH).

Poco Cocoa

Porter  |  6.7% ABV  |  46 IBUs

Don’t let the “little” confuse you, Poco Cocoa (6.7%, 46.1 IBU) is a heavy hitter of flavor. This wonderful porter will change during your drinking experience. This chocolate porter pours a wonderful deep brown color with a tight laced creamy head. The bitter chocolate aroma will delight your olfactory senses while you taste a light bitter chocolate on the back of your tongue. As it warms you slowly get a wonderful full bouquet of chocolate flavors to tantalize your taste buds.



Rye My Donkey

Rye Saison  |  7.7% ABV  |  29 IBUs
Closing your eyes and taking a sip of this refreshing golden ale will transport you back to the farm fields of the Wallonia region of Belgium where this beer was originally conceived. With a light aroma of banana and rye this beer is a complex beast, starting with an rye spiciness and finishing crisp and refreshing. Be careful with the beer, coming in at 7.7% ABV, in a few pints you may be trying to find your own way to Rye My Donkey.

Suburban Home IPA

India Pale Ale  |  7.5% ABV  |  75 IBUs

Feeling its roots from California, Suburban Home embodies the West Coast style of an IPA. Pouring a deep golden color with a clean white head and aromas of citrus and grapefruit. The citrus notes carry through this highly quaffable beverage. The bitterness sneaks up as you you enjoy the beverage and slowly linger and fade over time.

Vampire Bunnies

Blonde Ale  |  5.5% ABV  |  27 IBUs

Made with Michigan Cherries


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